Luna Corporate

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Luna Corporate is a Polish distributor and manufacturer in one, formed by a team of legends in the Vapour market!

Our brands

Polish capital and Polish brands

Luna Corporate is owned by David Urban, founder of the eSmokingWorld chain, sold in 2016 to British American Tobacco.

Distributor and manufacturer in one

Our own in-house nicotine pouch production facility guarantees the most favourable financial conditions and the opportunity to sell one of the strongest brands on the market.

Team composed of the creators of the Polish vapour market

The owner and key staff have been fostering the vapour market in Poland since 2007. A few years after selling eSmokingWorld, they united again in Luna Corporate.

Security of supply

Capital and an in-house production facility are a guarantee of continuity of supply, regardless of the volume of demand for goods.

Complaints in a 1:1 format

We are committed to ensuring the highest level of end-customer satisfaction, which is why we provide 1:1 productre placement.

Focus on development and education

We know how to increase sales through education. We have the best competence to do this, thanks to the experience gained over 15 years of creating the Vapour market.

Product security and compliance

Our team of experienced professionals ensures compliance, safety and the highest quality of the offered products. We know and can do it like nobody else. We have been proving this since 2008.

New technologies

Loyalising application in Augmented Reality technology guiding customers willing to purchase our products to points within your retail network!

Beginnings of Luna Corporate

The company has been in existence since 2021. From the beginning, it has been involved in the production and sale of nicotine pouches. Since March 2023, it has expanded it's activities into additional categories –energy pouches and electronic cigarettes. During this time, David Urban acquired 100% stake in the company, and besides shaping the strategy, he also focused on operational activities within the company.

own brands
VIBRO Institute

Vaping Institute of Battery Recycling & Organization

We place a strong emphasis on ecology and recycling in our strategic activities. This is linked not only to the path of strategic development of the structures of the European Union as a whole, but also to our desire to sort out the situation for the entire vapour market.

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